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Sheetal Shah

Business Development Partner

Having a vision is the starting place but to grow, you need a strategy, information for decision making and scalability. This is what we can bring.

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Historically organisations have designed their systems, compliance, and human resources around a manual process that has been tried and tested. These processes are fit for purposes but for single purposes only, i.e. raising a sales invoice. Often they are difficult and expensive to scale up when you are growing. While this traditional approach is often seen as a “safe” option, it can hinder growth, frustrate decision-making, and potentially limit the business.

There is another way – creating digital and automated processes. This can unleash the businesses growth potential. Digitalising your systems and compliance will mean more can be done with the press of a button, so less time and resources are required. Another benefit is the access to real-time data, which can make your decision making more powerful.

At DSK partners LLP we have years of experience and partnerships with leading software providers to help and support businesses make these changes.

Our Digital Consulting Services include:

  • Systems and process health check
  • Design and implementation of systems and processes
  • Support and training

…. And more

How We Add Value?

  • Create automated accounting systems
  • Real-time collaborations with different functions of business, i.e. stock control and purchase orders
  • Up to date management information
  • KPI reporting
  • Facilitate strategy planning and execution
  • Cost savings and scalability

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