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Why Do Strategic Advisory Services Matter?

It is strategic thinking that separates businesses that don't do well from successful businesses. We offer business advisory services that give businesses more clarity into their financials that helps create an effective business plan.

Ketan Kamdar, Tax Partner

Our Strategic Advisory Services

Organisational Consulting

At DSK, we have change management specialists that seek to achieve transformational change by helping businesses optimise the value of their people. We audit the people that make up the environment to ensure you have the right people for the right job and they are equipped with the right skills.

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Digital Consulting

Organisations have traditionally designed their systems, compliance, and human resources around tried and tested manual processes. These processes are fit for purpose but for single use purpose only, such as raising a sales invoice.

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Business Advisory

Our business advisory practice recognises that there is a strategic plan behind every profitable business. The business advisors at DSK get a thorough understanding of your business, its competitors, the market, and its target customer base to build and implement a plan of action that will help achieve all your business goals.

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Forensic Accounting Services

Our forensic accounting services help your business identify accounting fraud by conducting a thorough analysis of how the fraud took place and identifying responsible parties. This will allow you to pursue civil and criminal litigation against responsible parties. Our comprehensive reporting can effectively back up your fraud claims and help you win your case.

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Succession Planning

At DSK, we believe planning a successor who can take over your business is critical for a sound business strategy. Our change management specialists help you decide upon the right person to head the business. Whether you want to keep the business in the family or ask someone from the outside to head, we help your business make the transition.

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Strategic Advisory FAQ’s

Have questions regarding Strategic Advisory and how you can ensure the best Strategic Advisory for your business? We have the answers for you.

Strategic advisory involves helping businesses build and implement a streamlined and profitable business plan that is aligned with pre-determined business objectives. The team of strategic advisors will work closely with business owners to understand their goals and put in place a strategy that will help the SMT (Senior Management Team) realise these goals by addressing market challenges and exploring new growth opportunities. The aim behind strategic advisory is boosting business profitability, reducing risks, reputation building and driving business value. The word ‘strategic’ says it all. It is all about making value-added changes across the organisation and its structure to help the business as a whole focus on things that matter, and which will result in sustainable and high ROI.

Think of management consulting as a term that covers consultants providing hands-on advice or guidance to the company’s decision-makers or leadership team to improve business performance. It is like an overarching term that involves a lot of activities. Strategic consulting on the other hand is a very specific term, that involves industry experts offering their take/insights/opinions to the leadership team, that will be used to draw out an actionable strategy. Strategic consultants will address specific business challenges which could encompass areas such as accounting, taxation, regulations, digital transformation and much more. Think of strategic consulting as a subset of management consulting.

Startups need to understand the market to be able to position their product/service in the appropriate target market, gather a truckload of the market and competitive intelligence, and do a whole lot more to ensure that they are able to take the right path towards success. Couple this with finance and accounting management, meeting compliance obligations and handling employee-specific activities such as payroll and more, and they have their work cut out for them. Each and every startup process demands a strategic approach that ensures a process that delivers more value, without incurring a lot of overheads. So, strategy consultants hold immense importance for startups.

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